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Getting Out Of Debt – How An Unsecured Debt Consolidation Loan Can Help

Did you know that you can relieve debt stress by taking out an unsecured debt consolidation loan? You can combine all your debts into one lower interest loan with much lower monthly payments and free up income for other purposes. If you are struggling under the weight of servicing debt, an unsecured debt consolidation loan can be an enormous blessing.

When too much of our money is going into paying credit card and other debt, we can get very creative in finding ways to temporarily survive. Unfortunately, we can only do this for so long before we dig ourselves a hole too deep to climb out of. By combining multiple debts into one single loan, we achieve three things. Firstly, we save a lot of money over the term of the loan. Secondly, we free up our income so more can be spent on personal and family needs and maybe even saved. And thirdly, the loan has a definite term after which we will be debt free (except perhaps for a mortgage). This final benefit can give us a sense of achievement just by paying the loan payments, whereas credit cards can often stay high because of constant financial pressure.

Before deciding on an unsecured debt consolidation loan, it is important to do your homework. Look for a loan with the lowest fees and lowest interest rates you can get, with the most beneficial monthly payment amount and loan term, that combined will meet your needs. This is no easy task. There are a lot of lenders and a lot of products on the market. It can be enormously beneficial to speak to a debt counselor who is well versed in finding the best unsecured debt consolidation loan to meet specific client needs. At the end of the day, your purpose is to have as much extra money at the end of the month, while still paying your loan off in a reasonable time frame. Make sure any advisor you visit, fully understands your circumstances and your goals.

An unsecured debt consolidation loan is an excellent way to stop the debt cycle if you also cancel your credit cards once they are paid out and do not take out any other loans until this loan is paid out. Some consolidation loans will pay out the cards for you and cancel them as a part of the contract, however others will leave you to make your own decision in this respect. The problem is, under financial pressure most of us will take the easiest option and let’s face it, sometimes it seems to be the only option of using a credit card. If that option is not available to us, we have to be a bit more creative.

If you are frustrated that you have no money because too much of it is paying credit cards and other debt, the right unsecured debt consolidation loan can save your financial life. Just make sure, it is the right one for you. Getting good quality, professional advice before choosing a loan can make all the difference.

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Some Terrific Stock Marketing Tips

The stock market is a place where you can either make huge profits easily or lose money easily. If you want to enter into the stock market and become successful here, you have to be extremely careful about your moves and the investments that you make. Great stock traders are made and not born. Some of the most important rules to be kept in mind while stock trading is

* Be persistent – This is one of the most vital quality that a stock trader should have. As the stock market’s nature is one that always bounces up and down, a trader should always be persistent in his trading tactics and not stop it just because he incurs some losses as profits can happen after you incur some losses.
* Always buy low – One thing you should keep in mind is never to buy stocks when the price is high. Always but when the rates are low and that too only after conducting a complete research on the proposed stock.
* Do a through research on the company where you plan to invest in – Ensure that you look into a company’s financials like it’s stock balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement before you decide to invest in a particular company.
* Subscribe to newsletters – With the advent of the internet there are numerous newsletters that are available on different websites that you can subscribe to. They will provide you with professional advice form expert stock traders at a nominal fee or even for free.
* Keep yourself up to date – Make it a point to keep yourself up to date with after hours stock quote reports, direct investment information and stock analysis data. It is extremely vital to know what is occurring in the stock market so that you can plan your moves accordingly.

You can always choose the right equities with the help of some good stock tips. You can find such tips for free at Buy Zone Review


Cereplast, Incorporated (NASDAQ: CERP) $48M (MarketCap) Raises $7.5M

The agreement comes on the terms of Cereplast’s registered shelf offering and the $7.5M proceeds (a figure estimated before offering fees and expenses) will be used for general operations purposes. Each unit consists of one (1) shares and one (1) warrant option with an expiration of five years. The warrants are exercisable at a stock price of $4.44 per share, yesterday’s closing price, and will allow the investor to purchase .5 of a share. The warrants go into effect 180 days after the closing date of the offering.

Mr. Frederic Scheer, Chairman and CEO of Cereplast, Inc. said “This round of financing will assist us in continuing to further the growth of our business by expanding our product lines based on commitments and sales we see from both existing and new customers for our biodegradable, environmentally-friendly resins.”

Shares of Cereplast are trading down $1.04, or 23% in early trading at $3.40.

In addition, the company has also released press introducing 11 new grades of Cereplast Compostables resins to meet the increasing demand for improved productivity across all conventional plastic processing techniques while also improving physical property performance. According to the press release, the need for reduced dependency on petroleum is apparent more than ever in the wake of the BP oil spill in the gulf.

Aside from the need to reduce landfill disposal and carbon emissions, which is one of the main causes of global warming, the massive oil spill in the Gulf has sparked renewed interest in greener alternatives to fossil fuels. Businesses and consumers are now seeking products that are environmentally friendly, opening the door for bioplastics – the greener alternative to traditional, petroleum-based plastics.

Cereplast, Inc. is actively producing bioplastic resins for use in products ranging from tableware and cutlery to toys and healthcare/hygiene products, bottles/containers, bags, packaging, gift cards, printed displays, straws, even pipes, conduits, and many other applications in the $2.5 trillion dollar plastics industry.

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