A Rundown of 5 of the Best Prepaid Credit Cards of 2011

We have looked into all the available prepaid cards in the market and have determined the 5 best prepaid credit cards. These cards come with great customer service, charge minimal fees and are jam-packed with incredible features. But before we discuss them any further, it would be beneficial to have a short review of why prepaid cards have become such a sensation nowadays. Why are these cards becoming so popular?

The Rising of the Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards have extensively increased in popularity over the past 5 years. This rise in popularity of these cards can be mainly attributed to the fact that more and more people have realized the financial risks that come with the traditional credit cards. However, in this present time and age, we just cannot get along without having this kind of card inside our wallets. In addition, those people who can’t qualify for the traditional credit cards also turn to prepaid cards; as these cards can be obtained regardless of credit history or rating. So, what are the best prepaid credit cards in the market as of this year?

The 5 Best Prepaid Credit Cards

1. Rushcard

Key features:
– It is the only prepaid card in the market that offers free phone support to all its clients.
– It has no monthly service fee.
– It has a referral incentive program.

2. AccountNow

Key features:
-It helps build credit history.
– It has no monthly service fee.
– It allows cashier withdrawals.

3. Mango

Key features:
– It has no activation fee and no annual fee.
– It offers huge interest rates on your deposits.

4. NetSpend

Key features:
– It is offered in two different fee schedules– Pay-As-You-Go while the other is called Fee Advantage.
– It has higher cash withdrawal limit compared to most prepaid cards.

5. UpSide
Key features:
– It offers three different plans depending on your lifestyle, each with a different fee structure-Edge, Access and Clear.
– It offers free direct deposits, ATM access and online check writing for some plans.

Prepaid cards are often called the secured cards–cards without the credit or debt. They serve as a great alternative for modern-day consumers who cannot live without a credit card on hand but are not eligible of owning one or are just not willing to risk debt. And as we all want the best things in life, it is important that you carefully choose a card of your own only from the best prepaid credit cards in the market.

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