Three Methods for Starting an Online Business

Many well-known businesses had their beginnings during the Great Depression. We know that running a business is the only way to become wealthy. A nine to five job only insures that the employee makes enough to get by, but never brings wealth.

Before the advent of computers and the Internet, starting a business was a risky affair, not something for the faint of heart. It required a great deal of capital and took up to three years before the business finally turned a profit. Fortunately, that doesn’t hold true today as it did back then. A business online can be started easily with little capital expenditure and profits can be realized faster than any brick and mortar business.

However, for many a business online gives the impression of instant wealth. But starting a business via the World Wide Web requires as much forethought, dedication and hard work than any real world business. Money won’t come by placing a few ads, then sitting back waiting for profits to roll in.

Depending on what kind of business you’d like to start, there is usually one of three main areas that can help you launch a successful enterprise.

The First is by selling a product you make. If you have a special talent at producing something others would like to have, you can make it a full time venture. A simple website and a merchant account and you can be in business very quickly. However, there are drawbacks. Setting up your own business online is the most expensive method. Like any real world business, you are in control over everything from inventory to marketing. One other disadvantage is in how easy it is to ship your product. Since the Internet is worldwide in scope, you may find the cost of shipping home-made furniture across the continent too prohibitive.

Next to selling a tangible product, most people opt to sell information products. They are simple as they require no physical shipping. Many an Internet entrepreneur has made millions simply through selling ebooks, reports, online classes and other information.

The second option is selling items created by someone else. There are a wide variety of products that can be sold this way. You can become a representative of a company and act like a salesman, placing ads in ezines and through pay-per-click avenues. Your sales are carefully tracked and you are credited with a percentage of the sale price of the item. Generally this method doesn’t require you to have an active website as the retailer has a website you can steer customers to. You can find many retailers and their products offered up on Ebay and Clickbank that insure you get paid on your sales. The major disadvantage is that you must believe in the product you want to sell. If your heart is not in it, you won’t make many sales.

The third avenue is through joining an affiliate programs. They are by far the most popular. There are thousands of programs that sell a myriad of products and services. Unfortunately, it requires some digging to find a company that has a solid reputation. Many programs come and go but leave many people despondent on selling items that are too pricey or who get involved with a scam operation. All respectable affiliate programs provide their affiliates with a website. Unfortunately, a million affiliates promoting the same products from a million sites that look exactly alike, the likelihood of making a good income is greatly diminished. To stand out, creating a unique website helps to draw more customers and increase sales. One of the advantages of affiliate programs is through creating a residual income through the sales made by the affiliates you personally sponsor into the program. Residual income often produces a greater income than through the sale of products alone.

So if you’re looking to start an online business, take a close look at each of these three areas. One of them will be right for you.

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