No Snitch Legal Credit Repair: The Only Way To Fix Your Credit

Having bad credit is something that you do not have to take sitting down. It could prevent you from making certain financial transactions or even from getting a job. A bad credit record could even cost you more money in terms of interest payments on loans and premium rates on insurance. There are ways to fix your credit depending on what is in your credit record. You first have to find out what information are contained in your credit record. Legally, you are entitled to get a copy of your credit record once every year. This is according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act or the FCRA which is federally mandated to regulate credit reporting agencies in their collection, dissemination, and use of consumer credit information. Common users of these information are financing companies, insurers, and employers. You have the legal right to dispute or correct any negative or wrongful information that is contained in your credit record. You can either try and fix your credit yourself or go for professional legal credit repair. Professional legal credit repair is of course an option that would result in a more hassle-free solution.

If you have negative information in your credit record, you can check to find out whether it has gone past the prescribed period during which it is supposed to stay on your record. Beyond this legally stipulated period, you can actually dispute its inclusion in your credit record. Legal credit repair companies can actually help you erase whatever negative information you have in your credit record. What many do not know is that while there is a prescribed maximum amount of time that a negative information is supposed to stay on your record, the creditors who reported the negative information can actually request for it to be deleted from your credit record. Legal credit repair companies can negotiate with your creditors to initiate the adjustment of your records with the various credit reporting bureaus. Without a legal credit repair professional, you might not get anywhere even if you file a dispute with any one or all of the credit reporting agencies. This is the only way by which you can fix your credit record fast to be able to have access to most financial products and services.

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