The Advantages of Homes for Sale in Cheshire, CT

Not just one of the best places to live in Connecticut, Cheshire is one of the best places to live in the nation. Listed in 2009 as one of the 100 Best Places to Live by Money Magazine, Cheshire is centrally-located in the state, has several real estate options, a mix of suburban and rural characteristics, and a well-known school district. For those looking at homes for sale in the central part of the state, why not view a few properties in Cheshire, CT? Consider the prominent following features of the town.

Often thought of as a commuter community, Cheshire is near three of the state’s larger cities, New Haven, Hartford, and Wallingford. Adjacent to Waterbury, the town is 14 miles north of New Haven and 23 miles southwest of Hartford, and for commuting options, Interstates 91, 84, and 691 all pass through the town, and routes 70, 68, and 10 connect Cheshire with neighboring communities. Additionally, the town is also serviced with bus routes going to all three large cities.

Now 33.5 square miles, Cheshire was once part of Wallingford and, although settled in 1694, became its own town in 1780. Cheshire was a rural farm community for roughly 200 years but, over the 20th century, transformed into the commuter community it is today. Its rural past is still present, and as you’ll find when looking at many homes for sale in Cheshire, 19th-century style homes are nearby traditional 20th century suburban communities.

The agriculture industry from its past is also still present in the town. In fact, Cheshire is known as the “Bedding Plant Capital of Connecticut” by the Connecticut General Assembly.

With architectural characteristics spanning two centuries, homes for sale in Cheshire, CT include properties of all sizes. As you look at homes in the town, you’ll find affordable condos and single- and multi-family houses, many of which are not far from retail options.

Cheshire has all features a commuter could need: a good school system, several transportation options, and the calm and laidback character of a suburban town only minutes from three of Connecticut’s major cities. If you are looking at properties in central Connecticut, consider homes for sale in Cheshire.

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