Tricks To Do More And Make More Money

Are you tired of not making enough money every day and just want more? When it comes to making cash there are some tricks that you must learn that will help you make more while working less.

What are those tricks?

There are 3 tricks that I use to earn more money each day while not working as much and they are; fill up 2 hours worth of work using 10 minute blocks, create a full days plan, use outsourcing as a way to relieve your work load.

The one trick that I do the most is fill up two hours with work utilizing just 10 minute blocks and the reason is because this is the best way to break up your day. The first thing I do is decide what I need to get done that day and then I rearrange it in my 2 hour planner and that’s what I will do. The biggest secret to making this method work is to not just do one 2 hour block every day, but do 2, 3 or even 4 every day. If you can do more than what everybody else is doing then you will be better off and making more cash.

I know you must already know why making a plan for the day is a fantastic idea and why I consider it a trick, but in the unfortunate case you don’t know I will explain it to you. Making a plan for the day cuts out the time you usually sit there thinking about what you’ll do, you just do what is on your plan. Something that I started years ago is only put important things in my plans that can make me money.

Here is my philosophy in regards to outsourcing; outsource, outsource, outsource. If you’re serious about making more cash every day then you have to know how valuable outsourcing can be to your business.

When it comes to all three of these tricks the most important one is outsourcing because that’s the only one that you can leverage and the more outsourcing you do the higher chance you will make money quickly every day.

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