What are Some Considerations for Reverse Mortgages

People who enter into reverse mortgages are not desperate. They are typically people who want to take advantage of the equity they have built into their home. There are many reasons why people need access to their equity. These reasons could include having a financial cushion in their day to day lives, they want to enjoy life after saving and making do for most of their lives, they may have an unforeseen emergency where they need access to money .

Reverse mortgages are a new type of loan for this generation, they have been here for approximately 20 years. These loans are safe for seniors, who we are often concerned about if they take out these loans. Whilst this may have been true in the early versions of these loans, today the terms and conditions have been improved where they are much more practicable and safer. A reverse mortgage is not a free loan, it must be paid back if that is the intention in returning your equity whilst your alive otherwise on your death the money lent through this mortgage will be paid back. As with all loans this type of loan does attract the usual fees and charges. The fee’s can be quite ranging depending on your financial institution. The fees are very similar to the ones that apply to any new mortgage application. The interest rate you will need to pay will be very similar to the current interest rate on new mortgages people have to pay for purchasing new property. This makes sense as a reverse mortgage is in itself a loan for a mortgage on a property. The interest is only on the amount you borrow, not the full amount of your property value. Financial institutions do make huge profits from lending to the property market, reverse mortgages were invented to provide these companies with a new revenue stream in this financial market.

In deciding whether a reverse mortgage is for you, you need to take into account the following in your decision. Like any decision to take out a loan, you need to think carefully and not rush into it. Firstly remember like any loan a reverse mortgage is not a panacea to solve all your financial problems or to live life to the hilt on credit. You need to take into consideration your age, your current health and what is the usual life expectancy of people from your family and society in general. Ages are continually climbing due to better health practices and technology, and better nutrition. What is your plans in being in the same home in 5 to 10 years, anything under 5 years is a problem for these types of loans. Is this the best type of loan, from the many types of loans on the market, with the huge choice of loans ensure that you check out as many as you can, from as many lenders as you can. Does the reverse mortgage loans terms and conditions really suit you and will not cause you grief at some point into the future. If you are still keen at this point, as a final step make sure you speak to a reverse mortgage financial counselor.

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